Peanut Butter Bitty Bites


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5 oz.

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My dog love it!

My dog love those treats! They smell so good!

Mindy Stewart
One satisfied furr baby mom

I am so happy with the bitty bites dog treats. My dogs actually chewed them up and enjoyed them. Usually it’s just a quick swallow and the treat is gone. Seemed like my furr babies liked the bitty bites better than the other treats they usually get. I’m switching over to these treats only now. Love love love them!

Alexis Ruiz
Best Dog Treats!

I always struggled finding dog treats that my dogs enjoyed but also have healthy ingredients. Thanks to The Pup-Treats Co., I now have a delicious and high quality treats to give my Sunny and Legend! They were both so excited as soon as I opened the package of treats. When you have dogs that you consider family, you want to give them the best possible. I had these treats shipped, and I am so pleased with everything!

Oh wow! It warms our hearts to hear that Sunny and Legend are enjoying their treats. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind review

Jessica Lily Mendoza
🐶love them.

My Mozart doesn’t like peanut butter at all!! I had used peanut butter as a distraction for him to take medicine when he was a puppy and he ended up hating it because of me. He never turns a treat down but any that has peanut butter he will walk away or spit it out.
But this treat was different, he ate it in seconds and stuck his paw out for another 😂🫶🏽
So he definitely approves and recommends these treats😋 I will be purchasing more for him!

We are thrilled to hear that Mozart enjoyed them. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you and your pup will continue to enjoy our products.